About Us

That is a photograph from Mike and Gena Roberts’ first date. It was taken (on an actual camera, with stuff called film, that had to be processed at a 1 hour photo booth) October 31, 1992. These two lovebirds met while performing together in a murder mystery dinner theatre production in Reno, Nevada. This picture was taken at a circus performer’s Halloween party hosted by the clowns (no - the circus clowns...REALLY!). Mike had been invited because he was the ringmaster for the circus. He asked Gena because he thought she was kinda cute, very quick witted, and the only girl he knew who might fully appreciate going to a party with a bunch of circus performers. Plus, they had just finished performing a show at Fitzgerald's Casino so they were already in costume. Now, they are married, living in Texas (because Gena was born here) and have started this business venture. FYI: TEXPORIUM was awarded LLC status by the state of Texas on March 13, 2016.

Gena Roberts is the Chief Executive Officer. With a degree in Musical Theatre Performance from Arizona State University (go Sun Devils!) Gena’s previous management experience has been overseeing, cajoling, and often curtailing Mikro Productions, with (and because of) her husband Mike. For nearly twenty years they wrote, co-produced and performed a variety of private events in (and around) Reno, Lake Tahoe, and northeastern California. Mikro Productions earned the distinction as the foremost murder mystery dinner theatre production company in the region. Together they also provided “Mr. Critters” costumed characters for Circus Circus. The culmination of their theatrical aspirations was the building, ownership and operation of the “Shootin’ Starz Stage Co.” outdoor amphitheater in Virginia City, Nevada. As is often the case in theatrical ventures, they went broke doing it...but it clearly wasn't Gena's fault!!!

Conversely, Mike Roberts is the Creative Envision Officer (and another CEO). Mike was bestowed a degree of higher learning from McPherson College in central Kansas (woohoo Bulldogs - who cares). He also has ½ of a full master’s degree from Grace School of Theology in Houston, Texas. Mike’s theatrical roots run deep. The terminal affliction was first contracted as a college freshman when he was quite unsuspectedly bitten by the “theatre bug”. Over the next 40+ years he'd describe himself as an "entertain-prenuer". Mike has since been seen in 4 of the 5 movies he’s been in (the fifth  –  and last – was apparently an issue in the editing room), on television, and been heard from "town to town, up and down the dial", on morning show radio as the guy sitting in the little sound proofed room talking to himself. He has been a performer in more stage productions than he can remember, written and produced a bunch of full-length and one-act plays, murder mysteries, melodramas, radio dramas, and church vignettes as well. Mike has also attempted writing a couple of books…but the selective readers quickly encouraged him that there was a limit to his giftedness.  For a number of years Mike traveled across the country performing a one man characterization he wrote about the Apostle Peter. He still occasionaly gets a paid acting gig (but he's very selective). Although if you're really desperate to kill more time his acting website is www.texpian.com. Now, Mike is devoting the majority of his time to being the inspirational idea guy, head manufacturing maven and default delivery dude for TEXPORIUM LLC.

TEXPORIUM LLC was spawned by a number of factors, not the least of which, was a desire by Mike and Gena to find another project to pursue. After lengthy examinations of a number of potential prospects, it became increasingly evident that there was a desperate need for non-profit theatrical companies to find ways to generate income beyond corporate gifts, donors and ticket sales. Viola! How about mementos and gift items to sell prior to, at intermission, and after a show? People would love this stuff! We know this because, first and foremost, we’re theatrical junkies who have quite a collection from the shows we've seen or been in. And, you might as well read it here first, Mike is a far greater fan of classic melodrama, farce and comedy than he is (or ever will be) of “the Bard.” We thought you should know. Adding to this, the fact that we reside in Texas, and the whole kit-and-caboodle just made sense, in a nonsensical sort of way.

Additionally, we currently have a few more (non-paying) CEO positions available. If you qualify for any of them (will work for free, and buy your own business cards) then send us a cover letter and resume for any of the following openings:  Capital Empowerment Official (we could always use a Daddy, or Mommy, Warbucks with an extra 500K lying around just crying for a place to make some interest), Creative Expression Officer (original artwork), Creative Engineering Officer (getting artwork into a computer and out again), Coastal Enterprise Officer (Gena likes the beach), Copy Editing Officer (for the website. Mike can come up with the content - but his grammar and punctuation are atrocious), and we’ve even thought adding a Cheesecake Expressions Officer would be tasty (this one probably requires a costume - that you'd have to provide - though).

If nothing else, we want your visit to our website to be entertaining. Poke and prod about. Our intent is to not waste your time…nor try to sell you something you don’t want. Above all, enjoy your TEXPORIUM experience!

Gena & Mike