Goat's Milk Soap

Hand-made right here in the great state of Texas on a small family farm, these specialty soaps hark back to an earlier time with a variety of scents and sensations (some contain exfoliators, for example). Draw a hot bath and experience the luxuriousness of the 19th century!

Texporium soaps are made with blends of coconut oil, lard, goat’s milk, & natural botanicals (flowers, herbs & spices) on a farm smack dab in the heart of Texas. Some soaps may contain fragrance oils (not essential oils) and NEVER artificial colors. May contain allergens, so if you get to itchin' - stop using it. 

Hand made and hand cut by honest-to-goodness bred and born Texans. There are slight variations - no two bars are ever exactly the same... except for the fancy part.

Approximately 4 oz.